Mariners Drive Car Accident

On Sunday, down the street from my house was a Chrysler 300 that hit the curb, hit a fire hydrant, then a lightpole and finally stopped by a tree nearly missing 2 children.

The combo of the busted fire hydrant and downed light pile made the situation a little more interesting. They kept the passengers in the car for nearly 2 hours while Edison came to shut the power off.

The passenger of the car was taken away in an ambulance while the driver was put through the sobriety test.

They police found bottles of nitrous oxide for huffing in the back seat.





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Baby Leah’s Birthday

Finally brought my camera back out into the wild. Photographed my soon-to-be niece’s 1st birthday. She did not disappoint. Check out the damage she can do to cake!











Destination Known Project

I decided to start a new project based on some of the cities I have and will travel to. All of the photography is mine. This is a way for me to practice my photography in a fun way. The first 3 pieces are posted below. I have 3 more on the list coming up next. I have a few more trips planned this and next year that will complete my project. I am planning on doing 12 total pieces. All will eventually be available to purchase. Stay tuned for details regarding that.


Doppelganger Alert in Texas!

Texas Rangers Pitching Coach Mike Maddux & Rock-n-Roll Legend Frank Zappa.


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A-ROD the Moneymaker

It has been a while since the last post but felt this was deserving enough. Although Alex Rodriguez is not the role model he once was, you gotta cut the guy some slack. He was as entertaining as anybody in the game at one point. When he got busted for PEDs he stepped up and took his punishment. Now people are accusing him again, just like everybody else on the Biogenesis list, he is a scumbag. It is a bit unfair to boo him, trash-talk him, etc. Especially when people are making loads of money off him being able to play. In this video, look at the photographers and fans booing him as they are videotaping him in his first at-bat back. It’s disgusting. Loosen up folks, it’s a game.

Rob Shots 2

Rob Shots

Just pulled these of the camera. Thought I’d share.