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A-ROD the Moneymaker

It has been a while since the last post but felt this was deserving enough. Although Alex Rodriguez is not the role model he once was, you gotta cut the guy some slack. He was as entertaining as anybody in the game at one point. When he got busted for PEDs he stepped up and took his punishment. Now people are accusing him again, just like everybody else on the Biogenesis list, he is a scumbag. It is a bit unfair to boo him, trash-talk him, etc. Especially when people are making loads of money off him being able to play. In this video, look at the photographers and fans booing him as they are videotaping him in his first at-bat back. It’s disgusting. Loosen up folks, it’s a game.


Are You Kidding Me Revised

Vladimir Guerrero has been arrested for kicking a cop’s ass at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic. Luckily they are not pressing charges. Come on buddy, get it together!


Kendrys Morales set to make return to lineup…in 2012?!

ANAHEIM — Kendrys Morales’ much-anticipated return to the Angels will have to wait until next year.

Morales announced Wednesday that he has elected to have a second operation on his injured left ankle, which he broke last May 29 while jumping on home plate in celebration of a walk-off home run. The surgery will force Morales to miss the rest of the season.

“It’s definitely a challenge for us,” Angels general manager Tony Reagins said. “Not having Kendrys is a big part of what we do in the middle of the lineup, so it’s definitely a significant blow for us. But having been able to go through the season last year without Kendrys, I think the team has learned how to deal with his absence and move forward.”

Dr. Thomas O. Clanton, whom Morales saw for a second opinion Tuesday, will perform the operation in Vail, Colo., at a date yet to be determined. Reagins said the operation would take place “as soon as possible.” Clanton previously served as team physician for the NBA’s Houston Rockets and NFL’s Houston Texans, but is currently the director for Foot and Ankle Sports Medicine at the Steadman Clinic.

“I knew the road back … there were going to be issues along the way,” said Morales through a translator. “Obviously I wasn’t ready to have surgery again, but at this point I think this is the best decision for everybody involved to get me back 100 percent as soon as possible.”

Angels medical director Dr. Lewis Yocum said the objective of the surgery will be to clear out the lingering scar tissue and debris in the ankle. Yocum also said Morales is suffering from degenerative cysts.

“Kendrys has worked as hard as any athlete I’ve ever worked with trying to come back from a devastating injury,” Yocum said. “He hasn’t been able to do it. And we’re trying to gear up for next season, and one of those options was to address it aggressively with a surgical procedure, and try to clean up the ankle. Get him as much motion as possible in there. Get rid of the discomfort for him if we can, and try to get him back and ready for 2012. And Kendrys has accepted that challenge and is going to go ahead with the surgery.”

Yocum said that the fracture has completely healed, but Morales is dealing with the secondary changes that occur after a major fracture and dislocation.

“It’s one of those consequences of a devastating injury,” said Yocum, who added that he expects the rehab process to take a minimum of six months. “A fracture-dislocation of the ankle in any athlete, in any individual, is a serious injury.

” … The initial blow when he hit the plate was a devastating force, and that was transmitted through the entire ankle. We saw some of the changes with the fracture. Some of the changes are secondary and are starting to show up now, and that’s what we’re dealing with.”

Yocum said that due to the seriousness of Morales’ initial injury, a second surgery is not a surprising move.

“We’re very disappointed and feel bad for Kendrys,” Yocum said. “But it’s not totally unexpected.”

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Kendrys Morales

Make it Kendrys Morales
On further review, make it Kendrys Morales.

Known as Kendry Morales since signing with the Angels as a Cuban exile in 2004, Morales has let it be known that his given name is actually Kendrys. That is how it appears in the Angels’ press guide, and that’s what he prefers to be called.

His full name is Kendrys Morales Rodriguez.

Morales, fifth in the 2009 American League Most Valuable Player balloting, is rebounding from surgery on his lower left leg and hopes to be ready by Opening Day on March 31 in Kansas City. He has been hitting regularly and taking fielding practice but has not yet run full speed.

He fractured the leg on May 29 leaping on home plate after a game-winning grand slam against the Mariners at Angel Stadium. – Courtesy of Lyle Spencer (MLBlogs)

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Angels Throwback Uniforms

The Angels finally show some culture. Everybody else has been wearing old uniforms for years. Now the Angels get with it.