Are You Kidding Me Revised

Vladimir Guerrero has been arrested for kicking a cop’s ass at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic. Luckily they are not pressing charges. Come on buddy, get it together!



Are you kidding me?!?!

There has been little interest in signing veteran DH/OF Vladimir Guerrero this offseason. At first glance you see a 37 year old outfielder turned DH who can’t run too well anymore and see why this is a risky player to pick up. When you look deeper you see a 37 year old stud who doesn’t have to run around the outfield anymore and focus on hitting, which he does extremely well. Considering he┬áhit .290 with 13 home runs and 65 RBIs with the Orioles last season. He has hit .318 with 449 home runs across 16 Major League seasons.

This may be a little too close to my heart because he is one of my favorite players of all time, but MLB general mangers are mental to not sign this guy. For those of you non-baseball followers, a career batting average of .318 is damn good! Better than most of the chumps getting all the hype these days…

Poor Vladdy. Would love to have him back on the Angels but they spend millions of dollars on other players in their prime… (Pujols) Can’t get much better than that. Good luck Vlad!

More Ice!

Another ice/rap related post.


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Melting Ice

It’s funny how “ice cold” badasses become all warm and fuzzy. The NWA would be proud of what a great man they raised.


News Flash: New Flash!

Finally had some time to experiment with my new (old) Vivitar. Spend about 20 minutes finding stuff around the house to shoot. The flash was attached to the camera but I did do some bouncing of ceilings and walls, very crafty , for me. Enjoy.